About Operation:  Support on the Homefront
Our organization continually solicits monetary donations from various sources to help support the families of the Southwestern Indiana area whose citizen/soldier has been called to active military duty.  We proudly provide support in the following ways:  

  • Soldier send-off ceremonies when units are called to active duty.
  • Financial support to the families remaining at home when their family member is on active duty.
  • Christmas parties for families when the unit is on active duty.
  • "Welcome Home" parades upon the soldiers return to the city.
  • Providing a means for the soldier to connect with potential employers upon their return from active duty.
  • Financial support provided for a period of six months after release from active duty to families of the soldier that need assistance in the re-settling process to civilian life.

Our Accomplishments
Since the inception of our organization in 2003, we have done the following:

  • December 2003, a telethon was held in connection with WFIE TV Channel 14, collecting and distributing over $41,000 as a Christmas gift to the families of the 163rd and 152nd Indiana National Guard units who were on active duty.
  • Since 2004, over $194,000 has been paid on behalf of the families for support while their citizen/soldier was serving our country on active duty.
  • Three "Send-off" ceremonies.
  • Four "Welcome Home" parades.
  • Four Christmas parties have been enjoyed by the families.
  • A one-hour documentary, "A Day in the Life Of", was filmed and produced after a 12-day trip to Iraq by two members of Operation:  Support on the Homefront, C. Larry Rhodes and Steve Oglesby.
As a method of providing lifelong support, we have teamed up with Helmet's to Hardhats to link the citizen/soldier to local trade organizations to enter the apprenticeship program.  This is accomplished by connecting them with trade organizations at recruitment meetings.  Support will also be available to the citizen/soldiers needing work related items, such as uniforms and/or work tools.

Deployments We Have Supported
Since September 2001, there have been numberous National Guard and Reservists from Southwestern Indiana called to active duty whose families we have supported.  A few examples:

  • February 2003 - June 2004:  51 men from the Evansville-based 163rd Indiana National Guard were serving in Iraq.  125 members of the Jasper-based 152nd infantry were serving in Iraq.
  • July 2005 - October 2006:  155 men and women from the 163rd were serving in Iraq.
  • November 2005 - November 2006:  60 members of the Evansville-based 380th Army Reserve Center were serving in Iraq.
  • December 2007 - October 2008:  340 members of the 163rd were serving in Iraq.
  • January 2008 - December 2009:  55 members of the National Guard 384th Military Police were serving in Iraq.
  • March 2011 - March 2012:  members of the Army Reserve were serving in Afghanistan.

Continued Support after the Fight                                                                                                                  As the operational tempo for deployments has rolled back, the continual need for community support for local Veterans continues.  Operation: Support on the Homefront will continue to meet that need.  Just like a fluid and ever changing battlefield, we have broadened our spectrum of support to include all Veterans within the local area regardless of deployment status.